Yoga Ball Chair : Ergonomic Health Benefits

Yoga Ball Chair Ergonomic Health Benefits

If you’re an office worker who has spent lots of time in front of a desk, you’ve probably developed back pain or might be concerned that you may develop back pain in the future. This is because extended periods of sitting causes the muscles in your lower body and upper thighs to tighten up. The lower back muscles also become fatigue of trying to keep your back upright and straight.

Over a long period of time, your vertebrate will start to compress together because of gravity and can lead to permanent back damage which can cause a major problem. However, one preventative measure to this problem are fitness ball chairs.

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Relieve Back Pain

With an ergonomic ball chair, the muscles in your back get a break and don’t have to work as hard. This is because this chair promotes sitting in the proper sitting position which prevents you from slouching forward or backwards. It also provides adding padding for your buttocks which is easier on your overall core muscles and lower back. In fact, many people report an reduction in their back pain immediately after switching over.

Improve Your Posture

Because of the yoga ball’s shape, it forces your body to sit in a proper position and every day you sit on it, you’ll be working to improve your posture in the long run. This is because your body retrains and your back becomes accustomed to standing up straight which is how it was intended to be.

Moreover, because of the seating arrangement, it forces you to sit upright with a better posture thus allowing the blood to flow more freely throughout your body. Improved posture has also been connected to increasing blood flow, keenness and overall mood.

This is one benefit you’ll begin to notice in the long run, especially if your involved in physical activities such as running, jogging, or even walking. You’ll also have a body that’s more free and versatile to do these physical activities.

Core Muscle Strengthening and Toning

With a conventional seating arrangement, your back muscles don’t have to work because they are supported by the back rest. However, with a workout ball chair, it forces your core muscles to go to work to keep you sitting upright. This helps you to strengthen your core muscles such as the muscles in the lower back, abdominal area, lumbar region and obliques.

After using an exercise ball chair for some time, you’ll start to notice yourself tone up just by doing the things you already do sitting on a daily basis. It’s a great way to achieve a work out while doing office work!

Extreme Comfort

Conventional sitting arrangements will not provide you with as much comfort as a yoga ball. This is because the way they are designed can only allow for so much padding between your buttocks and the hard base. However, a therapy ball chair is complete comfort because of the fact that it is completely filled with air. Moreover, these types of seats come with pumps which allow you to pump and deflate it to your desired softness or hardness level.

Easy to Use

A ball chair is quite easy to use as well. Watch the video below to learn more about how to use one.

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