Review: Flash Furniture Wooden Posture Chair

It’s no surprise that there are an increasing amount of people suffering from back problems these days. With the horribly designed office chair, and long sitting periods, back related pain is bound to happen.

Fortunately, the Flash Furniture Wooden Posture Chair is here to solve these problems and it’s one of the most favored chairs in the market today.This chair is nothing less than special (contrary to it’s appearance).

However, it boasts a number of features which make it extreamly suitable and comfortable for the average worker who may have to sit for extended periods of time.

Our Ratings

  • Overall Comfort : 4.5/5
  • Adjustable Features : 4.5/5
  • Price : 5/5
  • Ergonomically Value: 4.5/5
  • Customer Feedback: 4.5/5
  • Overall: 4.6/5

Ever since we’ve layed out hands on this chair, we’ve been nothing less than impressed. It does exactly what we wanted it to do. It had a high level of comfort, very adjustable, affordable and had a very ergonomically friendly design. Our indept reasoning behind our ratings can be seen below.

Health Benefits

The chair is great because it really helps to correct your back and alleviate any back pain. After a few months of use, you’ll begin to notice an improvement in your back posture and less back pain. Some other added benefits is that is helps blood to circulate better throughout your lower body which can lessen your chances of getting various types of sicknesses in the long run.

As you can see, this is definitely a product you should invest in. You’re back is something you shouldn’t be cheap on by any means. By investing in this knee chair, you are doing your back and your overall health a huge favor.

The Pros

  1. Ease of Asssembly: This product was actually quite easy to assemble; much easier than we initially thought it would be. The instructions were clear and quite straight forward.
  2. Quality: The quality and build of this chair is very good. It definitely feels very sturdy and well built. I highly doubt that you will need to purchase another one of these anytime soon.
  3. Lightweight: This chair is very light so it makes it quite easy to transport it. It has a weight of only 15.5 lbs so it’s quite easy to transfer it back and forth between your home and business offices.
  4. Comfortable: I must say, the comfort of this was amazing. I’ve been using this chair for sometime now and I must say that you can sit on this for extended periods of time without even realizing it.
  5. Back Benefits: This really relieves the pressure from your back. Other people have noticed a difference in my overall posture a few months after I started using this chair. I also now have less back pain than I had previously. So overall, this was perhaps one of the best investments I’ve invested in.

The Cons

There really isn’t much of a con to this. The only con is that it is not ideal for taller people. For people over 6 feet tall, they might find this chair quite uncomfortable on their knees and they also might have troubles making the adjustments to lower it so that they aren’t sitting too high.


In conclusion, this product is overall a very great product. It works extremely well and it’s features are nothing less than amazing. The only issue with this chair is that it might not be ideal for tall people. However, if you’re under 6 feet tall, this chair will definitely be something worth investing into.

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