Review: Isokinetics Brand Fitness Ball Chair

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In case you suffer from a bad back, an aching back or sore shoulders then it might be time to get yourself an ergonomic chair. This kind of chair not only ensures that you maintain a good sitting posture but it also ensures that those aches are relieved so that you end up with a fruitful day at work. It doesn’t matter if you are at home or the office, you can make use of the Isokinetics Brand Fitness Ball chair to help you alleviate some of the pain or ache to your back or shoulders. This is a lot more than any other chair simply because it comes with a removable ball and a supportable base of which the ball can be removed and utilized for exercising.

A look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of having this chair:


  • Overall Comfort: 4.75/5
  • Pricing: 4.75/5
  • Customer Feedback: 4.75/5
  • Ergonomic Rating: 5/5
  • Overall Score: 4.81/5

Overall, the Isokinetics Brand Fitness Ball chair has decent reviews on It does have an overall rating of 4.2/5 which is not that bad. A huge number of reviews indicate that it is actually a good chair to own.


  • It comes with a metal frame
  • There is a choice of two frame finishes available
  • It is easy to set up and use
  • Its dual purpose-can be used as a sitting tool with back support and as an exercise tool(the ball)
  • There are numerous color choices available
  • It is adjustable in height and base

Comfort, Style and Exercise

In terms of comfort, the Isokinetics Brand Fitness Ball chair is pretty comfortable. It is possible to adjust the height and base of the chair. The chair comes with wheels that make for convenient movement. The exercise ball that comes with the chair is made from latex-free PVC. It is a great way to do some exercises as you work.  It comes in different colors such as green, red, black, white and yellow.

When it is time for a bit of exercising, simply remove the exercise ball from the chair and proceed with your exercise routine. The exercises done on the ball are great for toning and losing a bit of weight. They are also great for strengthening your core, increasing your flexibility and improving your balance. Before doing exercises on the ball however, especially if you have a bad back or suffer from any joint and muscle pains, then you need to consult with your physician first.


Much as the chair does come with a small pump, it may not be sufficient for inflating the ball in a timely manner. To solve this problem, you might need to buy a separate air pump.


This Brand Fitness Ball Chair is dual purpose in that you can sit on it and exercise on the exercise ball that comes with the chair. It is great for your body posture and reliving back ache or shoulder pains and is generally a wonderful product to own going by the numerous positive reviews from other customers.

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