4 top causes of middle back pain you should know about

Middle back pain is becoming an increasingly common issue. This is largely due to the sedentary nature of the modern lifestyle. People are spending more time sitting down, whether at work, at home or while driving or riding from place to place. This creates a tremendous amount of tension between the shoulder blades, especially when people are craning or stooping over hand-held devices or other forms of technology. The following are the top three causes of this problem along with simple solutions for getting fast and natural relief.

  1. Tech gadgets

All too often, you will find a person maintaining a posture of some sort, in order to better use their laptops, tablets and smart phones. Unknown to them, the poor posture, which in most cases originates from the lack of a formal set up to use the gadgets conveniently; is quite unhealthy for the muscles and structure of the back. You will find a person seated or positioned such that their shoulders are hunched, and the back is curved while utilizing these devices. When a good spinal alignment is not maintained during the use of these gadgets, pain in the middle back is the most likely consequence. To reduce stress and pressure in the middle back, it can be helpful to limit the time spent on these screens. Keeping your lower back and abdominal muscles engaged in while sitting can also be helpful. It can be even better when shoulders are pulled back to maintain a straight up posture.

  1. The work place chair – How long you sit is crucial

Especially in the formal sector, the majority of hours in the work place are spent sitting behind the screen. As much as you have to sit and make a living, it is essential to understand the importance of taking breaks after every one or two hours to stretch the muscles and bone articulation. The most likely thing to happen after long hours of sitting is the overuse of the middle back muscles due to the extended engagement of these muscles. Apart from the middle back only, the use of some ergonomic equipment at your work station can go a long way in protecting some other vital parts of your body, such as the wrists, the neck and the spine in general. The type of chair you use is also an important determinant of how well your core muscles are engaged during sitting as these help reduce the pressure mounted on the spine in this particular position. For promotion of a good sitting posture, an ergonomic knee stool can come in handy. Ergonomic equipment can be helpful in reducing overwork of your spine.

  1. Weakness in the abdominal muscles

Poor abdominal strength is also another major cause of not only middle back pain, but pain in other parts of the back and spine as well. Improving your abdominal strength may require toning and strength training, with a strategic exercising plan. Without an articulate support from the core abdominal muscles, the muscles of the back and the spine as well will in most cases have to bear more pressure in order to maintain an upright posture; they will have to work harder that they are supposed to. To improve this strength and relieve your back from some of this pressure, abdominal exercises such as sit ups, crunches and yoga can be of assistance. The exercises can additional help you slim up, or lose a couple of pounds if done more routinely and aggressively. Joining a gym club and working with a fitness instructor can achieve you more than just a painless mid back as you can also get to learn how to maintain a fit and healthy body through exercising.

  1. Underlying health medical conditions

The middle back pain can also be caused by other factors such as disorders, disease, and physical injury. High impact sports or accidents are some of the main causes of physical injury to the middle back, as a result of vertebral fractures or muscle injury during impact. Disease such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, and in some rare cases cancer and gall bladder infections can also lead to middle back pain.

Most people are misguided whenever they observe or feel the symptoms of tension caused pain in the middle back as the run to the nearest OTC drug store for pain relieving doses. Well, most of these drugs may only provide short term relief and before you know it, the pain is back again. One of the most effective ways to deal with back issues is to target the source of the problem directly by improving your posture, strengthening your abs muscles, and manipulating your work station as well as your lifestyle to suit your need to have a strong and healthy back. This way, even as you run to the stores for some remedy, you will have solved the maximum percentage of the problem.

It is important however to seek advice from your health provider if you notice a middle back pain that won’t go away. Your doctor can have you diagnosed to come up with the exact cause of your pain and recommend the right treatment method for you. In some instance, X-rays images may have to be taken to find out the severity of your condition, especially if you have a history with middle back pain. Additionally, consultation with your physician is important before you try out some of the mentioned exercise and the said over the counter drugs, as they will determine your suitability for these remedies.