5 Tips to helping you sit upright

You have probably heard of, or read somewhere about just how important it is to ensure that you maintain a good posture; at least as much as possible. However, sitting upright is not much of a norm to most people. All too often, they find themselves seated in a slouched, curved or bended posture, especially when busy at work in their desks. Before going to the tips that will help you remember to sit upright, it is worth mentioning some of the benefits that come with maintaining a good sitting posture.

  1. Benefits of a good sitting posture

Everyone wants to lead a healthy and fit life, free from physical and medical complications. This however may rarely be achieved if you happen to consistently maintain a proper posture, whether at work or at home doing your personal activities. Here are some of the benefits you stand to get when you mind your posture.

  • Strengthened core muscles.
  • Healthy and strong spine.
  • Avoid neck pains, back pains, wrist pains, and much more pains.
  • Reduced strains.
  • Increased oxygen levels.
  • Higher energy expenditure.
  • Healthy general body.

Most people may be aware of at least some of the above benefits, but may not be knowledgeable of how to improve their posture, let alone remembering to maintain it. If you are such an individual, all is not lost. There are some effective ergonomic tools that can help you effectively achieve good alignment practices. This thus begs the below question.

  1. What does a proper sitting posture entail?

It entails sitting with your shoulders back, and the back straight, with the natural shape of your body maintained. The weight of the upper body should be distributed in a balanced way at the hips’ positions, with your knees maintaining a right angled position. As much as it may seem much of uncomfortable if you are not used to it, you will definitely try it if you mind your health good. However, to make it even much simpler, these tips and tools can go a long way to help you achieve the posture required for a healthier you. so now straight to the tips and tools.

  1. Reminder applications

Routine activities and busy schedules may sometimes be some of the most effective hindrances when it comes to posture maintenance. Such conditions in a busy working environment can all too well distract you from good ergonomic practice. However, application reminders are available, which help improve posture by consistently alerting the user to sit straight. You can install a reminder in your smart device or PC, to stay in consistent alerts throughout the day so that you don’t lose track of your goal and practice.

  1. Yoga Ball chairs

Ergonomic chairs, known as yoga ball chairs are also available in the market, which you can go for to promote your posture and improve your experience when maintaining an upright sitting position. Most of these chairs are more or less products onto which a ball is integrated, to make the seat resemble a yoga ball in its functioning mechanism. As they are known, yoga balls have for long periods of time been used to promote health and fitness as well as posture promotion. The chairs can help you improve the strength of your core muscles a great deal as well, which have an important function of support in the structure of the body.

  1. Footrests

When in a sitting position, your feet are quite important as they help reduce pressure from the rest of your body that may be overly exerted on specific parts of its structure. When they are maintained in a right angle or slightly elevated position, it helps improve the blood flow process and reduce the risk of developing internal blood clots. It this position, the feet muscles are also well engaged in their supportive function. This is actually the reason why foot rests are recommended by health professionals and experts. Utilizing these features that may seem too basic a product to some people can go a long way in promoting your posture improvement endeavors as they enhance proper alignment.

With the above in mind, you will agree that maintaining a good posture is not only quite beneficial for your health, but can also be easily achievable. The mentioned ergonomic tools are some of the ingredients that you might have been lacking before in order to actualize your posture transformation. They can make your life much easier and even more comfortable at home and in the workplace alike.  They can well be instrumental in reducing your trips to the drugs store or the physician if put into consistent practice.